History of the estate


The Viesca area, which is located in the very heart of Tuscany, seems to have been inhabited since Roman times, as the Latin names of the places suggest. Owned by the Counts Guidi in the 13th century, Viesca had to endure various wars that led to the decline of its castle. In the 15th century, it will be taken over by the city of Florence, ushering in an era where Viesca will be divided several times, until the end of the 18th century, when it will be acquired initially by the Medici-Tornaquinci family and later by the Martelli family. In 1879, Marchioness Nerli became its owner, turning it into an “agricultural school” under the wing of Don Bosco. Several changes of ownership ensued until 1950 when Salvatore and Wanda Ferragamo, who had long before fallen in love with the Estate, bought it with the intention of transforming it into a private residence. The arrival of the Ferragamo family marked the beginning of a major restoration and recovery project, which brought both the manor house and the neighboring farmhouses to their original beauty. Viesca became an idyllic place for the Ferragamo family where they would spend the summer, as well as many other leisurely moments together.


Viesca stands out for the dedication to its guests, which can enjoy an unparalleled range of personalized services aimed at satisfying their expectations and desires. Hospitality, authenticity and enhancement of the local area, but also sustainability and attention to detail, which goes hand in hand with the philosophy and approach of Il Borro. A great atmosphere, as well as plenty of privacy and tranquility for this oasis of peace, where everything has been designed to make sure both adults and children have a great and enjoyable stay. The meticulous and non-invasive restoration project fully respected the historical charm and authenticity of the place: the Villas continue to welcome families who wish to share precious moments with their loved ones. Being at Viesca means reconciling with oneself and nature, as well as feeling at home in a corner of Tuscany where natural splendour and genuine hospitality blend to make your stay authentic and regenerating.

Protecting tradition

Villa Viesca also includes the Agricultural Museum, a space with more than three hundred objects and works of art that recount the history and lives of the Tuscan peasants, handed down through the centuries. The restoration and architectural recovery of Viesca was aimed at reviving the entire Estate, turning it into a continuum between past, present and future. A place with thousands of souls that pass on their traditions and history. The museum came to life over the years, as several objects and tools belonging to the families of the farmers who had lived and worked on the Estate were gathered.

In the heart of Tuscany

Viesca Toscana, which is less than an hour away from Florence, covers an area of over 70 hectares nestled between the green rolling hills of the heart of Tuscany. Thanks to the vastness of the Estate, all the villas offer privacy, undisturbed tranquility and plenty of lush Tuscan countryside.