Luxury Resort With Yoga Lessons Florence

Yoga and Tennis on Holidays at Viesca Toscana, a Luxury Resort

The luxury resort in Reggello, Viesca Toscana Suites & Villas, with its tennis courts, enables guests to have fun and enjoy some sport at any time of year.

Everything is possible on the estate, in fact, you will find two tennis courts which are at guests’ disposal free of charge. The courts are situated in the most tranquil areas of the Viesca Toscana Suites & Villas.

The tennis courts are actually surrounded by a grove of poplars which provides a delightful setting in which to play and which also provides some shade at different times of the day.

Also in the same part of the estate, you will find a bar where you can refresh yourself with a drink or enjoy a break accompanied by a light snack.  Rackets and balls can be requested at the reception and are supplied free of charge.


This luxury resort completes what’s on offer with yoga lessons which are held within the estate’s grounds near Florence.  The yoga classes can take place in one of the rooms of the villa you have selected or outside, beside the pool.  This service is provided by our yoga teacher, Debra Kochanczyk.

Our instructors will guide you on a voyage of discovery about a discipline that has existed for millennia, a complete discipline that balances the body, posture, breathing and the mind.

Through the various yoga positions, the reciting of mantras, meditation and the use of special yoga tools, you will be able to benefit from a totally relaxing experience through which, you can pursue a combined wellness of both body and mind.