Il Borro Tuscan Bistro – Viesca

Guests who wish to experience the authentic flavours of Tuscan cuisine will need to look no further than Il Borro Tuscan Bistro di Viesca, a café-bistro that offers top-quality dishes in a warm and elegant atmosphere. The gastronomic offer managed by Andrea Campani, the Executive Chef in charge of all restaurants at Il Borro, is a homage to his homeland, Tuscany. Traditional dishes are expertly revisited and given a contemporary twist, while enhancing and preserving the authenticity of the products. Open all day, Il Borro Tuscan Bistro di Viesca is an informal place with local products on sale, as well as a perfect stop for a light Tuscan-style lunch, an aperitif at sunset, or dinner with top-quality wines.

The philosophy of our restaurants

The gastronomic offer of Viesca Toscana shares the same philosophy as Il Borro. Indeed, the approach of Executive Chef Andrea Campani is deeply linked to the local area and its products and traditions: first and foremost fresh, premium quality raw materials. A menu dedicated to enhancing Tuscan excellence, where plenty of attention is paid to all raw materials and ingredients, which are always fresh and seasonal, such as vegetables that come directly from the organic garden of Il Borro and different types of meat, cheese and fish supplied by carefully selected local producers who have become, over time, trusted collaborators.

Passion for tradition

Be ready to discover the beauty of simplicity. Chef Andrea Campani’s creations have the flavours of the best home dishes but also the extraordinary character of an innovative gastronomic vision.

Our wines

The wine list of Il Borro Tuscan Bistro includes all the Il Borro wines, as well as a wide range of prestigious Italian and foreign labels. Our staff will be very happy to help you choose the perfect wine to enhance your gastronomic experience at Tuscan Bistro.